Keep an Eye on your Server Log

I just posted an article to my blog, and then used pingoat to inform the blogsphere that I had updated my blog. Then I did a routine check on my server log. I was surprised to see a 404 (page not found) error on that very post! Yes, someone had come to visit that very post, but it was not there. So whoever visited me from IP, my face is a bit #FF000 (i.e. red) in embarrassment! I’ll blame it on BlogDesk, which I had incorrectly configured, and for some reason it set the time for a few hours in the future.

Had I not checked my logs, I’d have missed that. Checking your server log every so often is a good idea!



[…] I look at my server logs very often, to keep my finger on the pulse of my website. What interests me is the number of visitors I have, and how many go beyond the landing page to look at more of my material. That interests me as much as the comments I get. […]

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[…] As I explained in a previous article, I like to keep an eye on my server log to see what kind of traffic I am getting and where it comes from. I guess these strange domains have been there all along, but they only just caught my eye. […]

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