Life Directions, Another Great Personal Growth Course by Peak Potentials

Self-DiscoveryI wish I’d done this 20 years ago instead of two days ago. Wouldn’t it be great if we all did what we wanted to do in life, what we were meant to do? The key is knowing what you were meant to do! So often we end up doing what we think we should do, then convince ourselves that this is is the right course in life. Or we just go through life feeling miserable and unfulfilled.

I just finished a course that really helps find out what is inside you, what you are meant to do and what is right for you. The great thing about this course is it all comes from inside you, the seminar just assists in drawing it out. This article is about that course, and as a special bonus, there is a link to the Peak Potentials website that will give you access to a free seminar on wealth and financial freedom (which is, once again, about what is inside you, rather than circumstance and luck).

I’ve not been that badly off. Up until now, I’ve gone through life by gut instinct, and not been too far off some of the time. Then again, I’m rarely bang-on, and sometimes drift further than I would like from what makes me happy and fulfilled.

Occasionally in my life, I have felt balanced, doing just what is right at that time. Most of the time though, I am either doing what I want to do in an unsustainable way (travelling for long periods of time until I run out of money) or working at some job that makes me miserable, the only thing keeping me going being the next international destination.

Life Directions helped me rediscover what I am really about, and add the wisdom I’ve picked up over the years. This has yielded a mission (the guiding principle of my life, what I am working towards accomplishing) and vision (how I am going to achieve my mission, the vehicle).

What I find particularly helpful about having a mission and vision (or vehicle a term I prefer), is that it helps me decide what is important in life, and where to put my energy. I have so many interests and there are so many distractions, that it is easy to get diverted. It is easy to put effort into dozens of projects and not really get very far on any of them. But if you know your mission, and how you are going to get there, then you know what you should be putting your effort into, and what you should skip. You know if you are moving towards your goal or away from it. And when the vehicle stops working, you now it is time for a new vision.


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